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Windows Fun Beta (WIP) Windows Fun Beta (WIP)

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

I agree with most commenters that this concept is old and outdated, but I also see your logic that the concept being old doesn't matter, just the execution. Fair enough. I can judge this game as it's presented.

I'm sorry to say that is not the only ancient thing about this. This game looks, feels, and plays like it came out before the start of the century; The stick figures and poor adobe flash graphics scream "I was made in 2003 at most." Honestly, I was shocked while playing this that it's bland spankin' new. I thought it could have been a reupload from the start of Newgrounds.

But anyway, as the type of game you're trying to make, it's lacking. There are far too few things to interact with, and few things you can interact with are terribly organized and of very poor quality.

There's a link to the Microsoft products website, which contains one, overdone, non-joke. The page doesn't even look like the real website, or any real website, so the joke falls flat.

There's a link to the apple homepage, but that purposefully doesn't work (a pop-up box tells you that you can't go there "because this site is owned by Apple Inc."). So one of the four things you can do in this game doesn't do anything.

Finally, the only other thing you can do on the internet (and the only actual pseudo-gameplay) is a Cookie Clicker-type game called "Click the Button." This might be better if it had a score counter and a reason to play it.

Besides that, the last thing is a notepad with limited options. You can't type in bold, italics, or more than one font, but... You can type.

I encourage you to finish the game, but it needs some major changes. Make the websites look real and have things to do on them. Make many more things to play with, and make the things you can currently play with more fun. Those are your two biggest problems. also yes, I understand this is a
demo, but it's so barren, you might have been better off waiting to upload this.

I will be following you, because I want to see you make this game better and succeed in the future.

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turntechbiologist15 responds:

Thank you for actually giving a detailed reason, though I AM working on this ALL the time.

Agree to Agree Agree to Agree

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This is pretty grand. I wonder if there's a way to "win."

Dude where is my face ?! Dude where is my face ?!

Rated 4 / 5 stars

This is a piece of Newgrounds History right here.

Zak Zak

Rated 3 / 5 stars

This game has potential, and I think it could make a good full game, but I think it's somewhat squandered here.

I like the setting. There isn't much to go by, but visually I think it matches some sort of 1984-esque post-apocalyptic future. While playing, I was annoyed how there wasn't a story. I was going to complain about that, as I thought this would be perfect for a more story driven game. Then it hit me you wanted us to imagine a story based on the clues you'd given us, and I really appreciate that about this game.

I don't especially like the gameplay, however. It's pretty standard and basic, and it went on too long with little variation or challenge. Nothing about the game stands out as really unique, which is fine, so long as you're doing it well, and you are. I would have liked to have known that when you attack, you move a little bit forward. I got to the final boss and fell off the edge a few times before realizing it.

I don't know how to end this. It was okay.